Nadjah Nicole



Nadjah Nicole is a dynamic and soulful artist on a mission to bring back the authenticity and power of soul music to the forefront of the music industry. With a voice that resonates with depth and emotion, Nadjah Nicole is making waves as a contemporary soul artist who is both inspired by and committed to honoring the rich traditions of the genre.

Early Life and Influences: 

Born and raised in a family of hard workers, Nadjah Nicole’s journey into the world of music was almost predestined. Growing up, she was influenced by her parents, who were avid music lovers and challenged her not only to appreciate the singers’ voice and technique, but also their sound. It was through the soulful sounds of Jill Scott, Nancy Wilson, Daryl Coley and Musiq Soulchild that she found her true calling. 

Musical Education: 

Nadjah Nicole’s journey as a soul artist began with formal training in music and vocal performance. She honed her skills through years of dedication, which included rigorous vocal training, studying the works of the greats, and learning to write and arrange her own songs. 

Career Milestones: 

Nadjah Nicole’s career began in the children’s choir at Bethel AME Church at the age of 11. When she was 16, Nadjah experienced her first big win at the historic Amateur Night at Apollo Competition (Harlem, NY). From there Nadjah went on to compete in a wide variety of talent shows and pageants. While still a college student, Nadjah took a leap of faith that changed the trajectory of her career. During her show-stopping performance on the nationally televised singing competition, The VoiceSeason 9, Nadjah showcased her remarkable vocal range and emotional depth. This breakthrough moment allowed her to share her talent with a global audience during her tenure on this Emmy Award Winning Program. Nadjah received personal mentoring from Blake Shelton, Rihanna, Brad Paisley and celebrity vocal coaches, Trelawny Rose & Holly Stain. Rihanna complimented Nadjah by referring to her as “The whole package!” 

Musical Style: 

Nadjah Nicole’s style is a fusion of classic soul and contemporary R&B & Jazz, with a distinctive voice that effortlessly combines power, vulnerability, and an undeniable passion for storytelling through music. Her performances are known for their raw and emotional delivery, bringing audiences to the edge of their seats and often moving them to tears.

Reviving Real Soul: 

Nadjah Nicole’s commitment to reviving real soul music is evident in her dedication to the authenticity of the genre. She strives to preserve the traditions that made soul music legendary, while also infusing it with her own modern flair. Her lyrics are heartfelt, and her performances are charged with the genuine emotion that defines the soul music experience. 

Impact and Future: 
As Nadjah Nicole continues to make her mark on the music scene, she remains passionate about bringing real soul back into the mainstream. Nadjah has performed as the opening act for Robin Thicke, Macy Gray, Kindred and the Family, Leela James and Chrisette Michelle, just to name a few. Her performances and recordings connect with audiences on a deep, emotional level, and she is poised to become a significant force in revitalizing the soul music genre for a new generation of listeners.
In a world saturated with pop and commercialized music, Nadjah Nicole is a refreshing and essential voice, reminding us of the timeless power of soul music and its ability to touch the human emotions we all feel every day. With every note she sings and every stage she graces, she is committed to bringing real soul back, and her journey promises to be one filled with success, influence, and heartfelt connection with her audience.

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